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    2. Ningbo Baitai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. Our company is a high-tech company primarily engaged in the research and design, manufacture and distribution of autoclaves. Serve the operating room, dentistry, ophthalmology and biomedical research institutes.

      Our company mainly supplies technologically advanced autoclaves and relative auxiliary equipment (hand piece lubricating devices, sealing machines for sterilization package, ultrasonic cleaners) with ISO13485 certificate. Our company adopts the latest European technology in autoclave equipment and the professional industrial design. Therefore our autoclaves not only achieve a new performance level, but also more suitable for the operating habits. Through integrating the latest European technology, we have overcome the flaws of similar products in the market, such as slow heating speed and lacking humanity's appearance. In addition, the heating up time is reduced to half of its time in similar products using the special heater, and greatly reduced the cycle time for the sterilization.

      Our company insists on the principle of "honest with courage to explore and hard work". Currently our excellent team has built up the mature market channels with good cooperation reputation. We welcome potential business opportunities for more market channels to grow with our global partners based on our principle of "sincere, professionalism and enthusiasm".