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    2. Company Culture
      The P&T culture is based on people-centered values and it provides an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. P&T strives to provide a positive environment for professionals to develop and maximize their skills, perform great work and reach a high level of self-actualization.

      P&T employees have diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and interests, but share a spirit of teamwork, a commitment to delivering quality results, and the desire to keep growing professionally. New employees enter a supportive community of colleagues working together with real opportunities to positively impact our company, our clients, and their own careers.

      Our Mission
      Our mission is simple – provide the highest quality for the best price possible. We listen to you and make you part of the process in reaching your goals and objectives by using the printed word and image to its most powerful advantage.

      Over the years our industry has seen tremendous technological advances and we have kept pace. We continue to do quality autoclaves and other relative auxiliary equipments as our industry and your needs demand.