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      • Sterilization Package
        Sterilization Package
        Put the sterilizer items into the package and seal it for sterilization.
        Remember: Do not use it once package is broken. Second usage is forbidden!
        Every Roll (W×L):
        5.5CM x 100M
        7.5CM x 100M
        10CM x 100M >>More
      • Conserve Oil
        Conserve Oil
        The conserve oil is used in the Handpiece cleaning and lubrication device.
        Capacity:1000ml >>More
      • Print Paper
      • Oil Mist Filtration Cotton
        12pcs/box >>More
      • Oil Mist Absorption Cotton
        20pcs/bag >>More
      • Cleaning Basket
        Cleaning Basket
        The stainless cleaning basket is used in our ultrasonic cleaner.>>More