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    2. BTY700   [ 返回 ]

      Handpiece Lubrication System


      Functional Character:

      This machine can clean and oil the parallel shank or bendinghandpiece accurately and easily at any time.
      It have the character of high security,easily operating, easilycommandeering,and any person can operate it.
      Three dental handpieces can be oiled and cleaned at the sametime.
      Swing pinion of the BTY700 can effectively clean and oil the dentalhandpiece from different angles.
      Having completed the procedure of the cleaning and oiling,theremained oil can be cleared by pressing the air key.
      Different handpieces can be oiled by choosing the short mode.thelong mode, and the longer mode.
      Oil mist filtration cotton can prevent the least diffusing of the oil mist.


       Mode Indicator Light:


      Style of handpiece

      Time of cleaning and oiling

      Time of cleaning

      Short Mode

      Air-compressed turbo handpiece  
      Handpiece using of NAKANISHI
      NM series gear end
      Handpiece using of NAKANISHI SGM series gear end

      Almost 35 Seconds

      Almost 60 Seconds

      Long Mode 

      Bending handpiece 

      Almost 45 Seconds 

      Almost 80 Seconds

      Longer Mode

      Handpiece is alien to  
      the short mode and long mode

      Almost 50 Seconds 

      Almost 90 Seconds



      Voltage Rating and Frequency

      AC220V, 50~60Hz AC110V,60Hz

      Air Pressure


      Oil Tank Volume

      350 ml

      Overall Dimension(L×W×H)  

      285mm × 355mm × 275mm

      Net Weight